• Target the right decision maker
• Get accurate, real-time leads to close more sales
• Improve campaign conversion rates
• Nurture leads via a controlled, measurable process
• Deliver sales and business intelligence
• Access invaluable buyer’s insights
• Increase awareness of and appreciation for your brand
• See measureable results
• Benefit from an updated global and local prospect database


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• Our reputation is solid with clients from Fortune 500-sized companies to SMEs including    
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• Our unique methodology is proven successful [Read More]
• Our results are measurable

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Data Synergo is registered with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.

Data Synergo is an innovative provider of data services. We offer effective services and solutions which generate desired results from your target audience.

As a contact point for your customers, we help build invisible bridges between them and you through highly customized programs and services

We proactively create, nurture and discover the best leads so you can convert them to sales.

We constantly engage your prospects in a dynamic conversation designed for a buy-in from the outset.

But it doesn’t end there.


Unlike ordinary data service providers, we focus on the entire lead cycle. From initial engagement to execution, lead nurturing and sales hand-off.

What’s more, we don’t waste your time with just any lead.

Our unique methodology enables us to focus only on leads with the highest probability to close a deal.

We provide solutions and follow-through reports, offer feedback and even monitor trends to give your business the competitive edge at every turn.

All of which translates into quality leads and sales for you.

When your bottom line looks good, we look good, too.

We work closely with you to improve existing processes or try out new channels to deliver results in the following areas:

• Customer acquisition
• Customer servicing
• Customer growth
• Customer retention

Every customer is important at every stage of the customer life cycle. To garner the best results, we customise touch points and channels.

Our multi-channel services include:

• Contact center
• Event Management
• Data capture
• Fulfillment

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We ensure you benefit from our competitive edge at every turn.

With our proven method for success.

Understanding the business need

Listening is key. First, we understand your business needs at every stage of  the customer life cycle.

Tailoring the solution

Next, we tailor solutions to effectively meet your specified objectives using multi channel engagement models

Agent training and brand engagement

Our trained contact centre agents are then briefed to ensure your brand values are delivered consistently to exact standards.

Campaign delivery

Our experienced project managers step in to ensure that your campaign objectives are met throughout the program.

Evaluation and enhancement

During the course of your campaign, we evaluate its effectiveness and act proactively to ensure improved business performance.

Give your business the Data Synergo edge. Ask us now.

When you implement a program with us you can expect us to handle calls with professionalism and experience.

You can count on our team’s value-added services that have ensured
success for our clients.

• Professionalism
• Articulate in conversation and in intellect
• Clarity in accent and speech
• Good listening skills

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Lead Generation

Making outbound calls to contact an identified target group for promotional or marketing based events or sales lead generation

Acquisition and Retention Campaign 

Acquiring new customers and approaching your 'expired' customers with the right offer

Appointment setting

Setting appointments for sales

Event registration and follow up

Obtaining registrations for events


Executing market research, surveys and polling

Data Profiling

List building / appending

List Scrubbing

Verify and update your customer information database

Customer Information & Services

Providing you with a channel where your customers can contact you for more information about your products and services

Advertising Campaign Support

Support your ad campaign with an additional channel and touch point where your prospects can reach you

eedback Handling

Serving as a channel for feedback handling from your customers, and as a suggestion center

Enrolment/Club Membership

Providing order reservation, customer registration, and club membership enrolment

Benefit from Data Synergo’s expertise. Ask us how .

Event Management

Overall organisation of your event, from event conceptualisation, venue sourcing, logistics and execution

Database Services

Consolidation of various databases, including management and maintenance of information

Data Entry

Providing data entry services based on various data form i.e. customer inquiry form, survey form, and printed summary data sheet

E-Direct Mail and Fax Delivery

Providing email or fax distribution


Ensuring your product is delivered to your customer on time

The many success stories of our clients are the best testimony to what your business can also achieve.

Knowing our clients are satisfied with our services is, for us, the greatest satisfaction of all. And by earning our clients’ trust, we’ve remained one of the most dynamic data service companies around.

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Data Synergo’s quality management is recognized by customers, big and small.

You can count on the kind of support and service enjoyed by our satisfied clients. The results are measureable, limited only by your desire to succeed.

Put your business in the hands of proven professionals.

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Data Synergo is home to some of the most capable and motivated employees in the business. Our team environment will help you learn new skills, increase your self-esteem, self-pride and much more!

Our team will help determine where you are, where you want to go and then assist you in honing and developing the skills you need to get there.

You will never stop learning, exploring, changing, growing and advancing toward greater goals. Your success truly is our success.

We delegate responsibility and trust to our employees and motivate them to be the best they can be.
If this is the kind of working environment you would like to be a part of, then Data Synergo is interested in learning more about you and your background.

Most importantly, you will feel that you are a part of our team.

Start building your future today; join the Data Synergo team!

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